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15 April 2017 @ 04:36 pm
HAPPY 26TH BIRTHDAY!!! Knew you for 6 years in 2014, that makes knowing you for 9 years this year!! What a privilege it has been, though giong quiet for a long while many times, but everytime I come back to update myself on Hey Say JUMP, I fall in love with you over again!!

Watching Itadaki High Jump probably helped fans know so much more about you, your outgoing-ness and kindness in your heart makes people think, wow, such genuity. This is what I love about HSJ... Yes maybe they do go out and drink, but you never see news or rumours about their characters contradiciting how they are on TV. They're sincere boys that seem to never grow up, and yes please. Never grow up!

It's been 4-5 years since I attended your concert, and I sure want to experience that again. Being in a concert, watching how hard you guys work to give us the best performance, this touches me.

So on your birthday, I wonder how you guys will celebrate, but I'm gonna eat a cake for you :]

Myabe I should start sending letters again. If I don't communicate with you I don't think you'll know I exist... xD

Stay kind! <3
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15 April 2014 @ 02:56 am

The funny thing about your favourite celebrities is that, they seem to be able to be in this line for a super duper long time, allowing them to "grow up" together with their fans.

So happy 23rd birthday Daiki!!! Knowing you since 6 years ago has been great pleasure, especially being able to go to one of your concerts and seeing you live. I don't care whether our eyes really met or not but I do believe they did. Hahahahah. Stoops fan girl moment.

We shall continue to be chubby cheeks and be funny.

P.S please give a damn about your hair. Do know that curly hair isn't nice.

Stay awesome~~

05 April 2014 @ 02:36 am
Series of things happened. But all good!

1. Reached the bus stop and the bus reached just in time!
2. Way up to class, saw a Chinese lady trying to ask for directions, but the person didn't understand mandarin so I stepped in. I was so ready to help even though I didn't hear any of the conversation as I was on my earphones. Told the girl I'd help to take over. Feels good to be able to help. This point of time I really appreciated being bilingual.
3. Scriptwriting lecture: Lecturer played a Japanese movie clip (Kaidan meaning Ghost Stories). And I understood most of the conversations. Lecturer did translate but it does feel good to understand another language that others don't know. School mates were laughing at the end of the session, because the title was written as "KWAIDAN". What is KWAI.
4. Church life group gathering went really smoothly, with loads of laughter as usual, and went to Max Brenner for the first time before heading home! Ooooo I'd love to have some hot chocolate again.
5. Ahem. Here goes. So I do have a confession that recently I've been back in AKB fandom, and desperately trying to get anyone of them to reply my tweets, esp Sae. I guess it was because of various youtube videos of Sae being such a kind person to everyone, so I was hoping to get a kind reply from her. Thinking too much perhaps. But that's not the point!! THE POINT IS SAE IS GOING TO RUN FOR SOUSENKYO!!!! I think it was really hard on her to go into SKE and concurrently being in SNH. I believe she did say that she won't return to AKB until she goes in SNH and SNH is able to fly. And being the captain of SKE, a group that she wasn't even in, would cause her even more burden. Just imagine, you know ALL AKB songs, DiVA songs, SNH's songs (AKB songs in mandarin), and now SKE songs. All the lyrics in the world man.
6. MY FACEBOOK ALBUMS ARE BAAAACKKK... Yes I've been so cheesed off at the bug on my Facebook account ever since I uploaded my photos in Melbourne. Now that it's been revived, I can no longer upload photos into my sub account and just to pass them to friends. Tedious ya know that.

2 weeks to go before the mid term break starts. So looking forward to it because this coming week is torture!!! 3 presentations. Heck no thank you. Assignments please stop coming in threes and fours I don't have a float for these waves.

As you can see I've not been blogging, so this series of happy events must have triggered my motivation level to a super high that I feel that I should put this down.

Jya ne. Gonna order my AKB Single maaaan.
03 October 2013 @ 12:07 am



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25 September 2013 @ 02:11 am

Iyo iyo last week before the mid semester break! Yaaay! But yes, it's gonna be a hectic week.

Hectic week hereCollapse )

Sorry for such a long entry. I'll try to update when all these things are done. Can't wait for my adventure to start!

06 May 2013 @ 12:42 am

Oh what memories... My days as a full timer are over. I still remember the first week I joined, I was really shy and didn't dare to open up. 1 2 weeks after I became so noisy and opening up to every one. Can't believe this has ended, but of course, I'll still try to meet them for meals.

I'll sure miss all of them, as they are the reason I look forward to Sundays. Indeed as time went by the job became a little monotonous, but the fact that I get to see little changes by changes in people is what makes this job amazing. From people schooling to internship as a cabin crew, to people graduating with a degree but working at a totally new environment, taking tests to finally making it as an air traffic controller, to many others going from sec 4 to JC/Poly. My wish is that they would still miss me even though I haven't done much.

And as they carry on in life, I carry on too. My road of growth and independence will finally start in 2 months. But before that I'd better make a super long check list of things I have to do before I fly.

Till then!

Oh gosh I like Fairy Tail. But the only thing that really makes me excited now is Lucy's choice of spirits in her battles. The rest are so predictable. Macchiam Pokemon. But I really want her to "catch 'em all".

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02 May 2013 @ 12:09 am



Well i did write something

May, please treat me well.

25 December 2012 @ 01:42 am

Today is Christmas. It isn't just a day for presents, for Santa and it isn't another public holiday.

To be honest, it's not Jesus' birthday either. No one knows when exactly was he born. But Christmas Day is a day the whole body of Christ chose, to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

I thought real hard. How does it feel like to be born to know that you're gonna die for the people who wants you dead?

We all have this kinds of thoughts, "I don't want to be born to know that I'll die of this and that sickness, to be born into such a horrible family, to be drown in such stressful situations." How can this even compare with one who is born to die, to suffer for those who reject you, to suffer for those who don't help you when you're gonna be crucified, to take their sins away? If everything is unfair to you, how is it fair to Jesus?

As I thought about these, I couldn't help but cry (I know. Crybaby again). Because of how sinful we are. And how many more things that displease Him that we're gonna do.

I know many out there are not Christians, but knowing it gives this day so much more meaning, that this day is a day to give thanks to the God who came down as a human being to experience what we experience, to feel the pain that we feel, to cry with us, to be joyful with us, like a true blue human.

2 services tomorrow before I'm off for the day! Yay! Good night and Merry Christmas to one and all!

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21 December 2012 @ 08:00 am

On Tuesday we had a give thanks section during meeting just before our Christmas breakfast. Many of the colleagues gave thanks to God for bringing them through this year.

Fabian and his dad
Superior's dad went to hospital and was nearing death. Thank God from there he realized many things about the after life. His dad got saved when he was in hospital at the same time as Superior's cell group mate's father. Both preached to each other's dads, interestingly, and both got saved.

Girlie and her daughter
Girlie was pregnant with her daughter and went back to Philippines to give birth. At the time of birth, the doctor noticed that the umbilical cord was surrounding the baby's neck, threatening to strangle her to death. Thank God for the doctor and his skills to deliver the baby. It was a dangerous task that would have endangered the mother's life too, but both safe and sound, and the baby's cute!

Nehemiah and Jasmine
Nehemiah was diagnosed with cancer, and recently doctor gave him a clean bill of health. Really saw him from a plump man to a skinny and weak looking person. Anyone who knew him would feel the pain in the heart. But usually it's the loved one that suffers more. Having to take care of him and their children, Jasmine had to be very strong, while facing the sudden death of her brother, and just yesterday, her mom as well. Really thank God both came to know Christ.

This colleague/brother of mine met with an accident on the ECP where he lost concentration and his van skidded and flipped, but the van miraculously flipped back to its wheels and he came out with only abrasions on his wrist. When he was upside down, there were many white flashes, those that people see when they're about to die. So really thankful to God for preserving his life.

Douglas and his dog
Doug and his wife fostered a stray dog before, and they came to like him very much. Soon after they put them back to the construction site, but a few days later they found him at the construction site, injured, as if someone had kicked him in the face really hard. Had bleeding all over his face as they sent him to the hospital. He was partially blinded and couldn't hear anymore,and his jaw was lopsided from the kick. Doctor even said that he'll forever be blind and would not be able to eat properly again. But a short time later, they realized that he could see and hear! Now he's always happy around others.

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13 November 2012 @ 11:57 pm

One day Mum told me about an interview with someone who wanted to join the company. One of the questions asked was "Why did you leave your previous company?"

She replied "because merger and integration happened and it was so messy. So I decided to leave."

The candidate was pretty good and all, but she wasn't accepted, based on the fact that she wasn't able to handle the tougher messier times in the company. If she's not able to handle stress well in that company, how would she be able to do it better in this company?

And she used that example to tell her subordinate during this period of time when their company is undergoing the same thing, as she was feeling so stressed and wanted to give up.

As the saying goes... Things will always have a good end, if it's not good, it's not the end yet.

Every one has many points in his/her life where they have to go through tough times, but when you get out of the tunnel, it feels great to be able to conquer that obstacle.

I'm feeling like that right now. I have this super difficult hair system that creates flowy hair on 3D animation, and I felt so hopeless because I have to do each step 75 times that creates 75 parts of strands of hair, and one adjustment not done, it'd look like it failed. So when my superior adds in another improvement thingy to it, I have to do the same, 75 times. Who wouldn't get tired and feel like crying? I had that on Monday night, doing it till 12am. But I'm gonna try harder this time, after these two days of rest.

I hope that whoever reads this will be encouraged, no matter how much you might dislike doing something, don't give up. I didn't say I like to do animation, but the sense of satisfaction is always there when I see something working, and that will never fail to make you happy.

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